Hello.  My name is Robert Jackson.  I am an abstract painter based in Minneapolis, MN.  I got here in sort of an unconventional manner.

I was born in Monticello, Arkansas.  Graduated from the University of Arkansas with a business degree 1979.  In 1993, I started my own company focused on sourcing, developing and managing products for leading American retailers.  

I began actively painting while living in New York City in 1984.  I have paintings placed in the Twin Cities, New York, Chicago and LA.

Most paintings are inspired by the varied colors and textures that nature produces.  Just look around everyday and you will see this inspiration...it is there without prescription or forethought.  That is how I paint.  It is chaotic at times, but then again isn't that our own contribution to the nature of things?

Abstract paintings are at their best when you are drawn in, finding something unexpected and connecting to it in some way.  It is not for everyone, but then again what is.  

I hope you will enjoy perusing my website.  If you find something of interest simply email me RobertJ@robertmjacksonpaintings.com or give me a call at 612-867-6379.



Robert M. Jackson Studio/ Northrop King Building/ Studio 400-1/ 1500 Jackson Street/ Mailbox 119/ Minneapolis, MN  55413  ph 612-867-6379